Boschボッシュ D-Tect150 D-Tect Wallscanner


Product Specifications
Part Number D-TECT150
Item Package Quantity1
Number of Handles1
Batteries Included?Yes
Batteries Required?Yes
Average Battery Life2 hours
Item Dimensions
Length8.75 inches
Width3.78 inches
Height4.34 inches
Product Features
Patented Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Radar Technology enables detection of material type, depth and width information for ferrous/non ferrous metal, non-metal objects and live AC wires
Seven Detection Modes are concrete (wet, dry or deep), in-floor heating, drywall, metal and signal view
Adjustable Sound Indicator and LED Light with three detection modes: green (no object in detected sensor area), red (object detected in sensor area) and red flashing (live wire detected in sensor area)
Calibration free and ready to use at any time
Includes: D-Tect150, (4) AA Batteries and Carrying Case
Product Description
The future of detection technology - Precision of the highest order. Give yourself an advantage. Accurate detection of all materials including plastic due to state-of-the-art ultra wideband radar sensor system. Detection accurate to the millimetre due to ultra wideband radar sensor system. Objects are indicated by acoustic and visual signal. Maximum measuring depth of up to 15 cm. Digital display of material properties and permitted drilling depth. Features: Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electrical cables, wooden beams, plastics such as floor and wall heating pipes Intuitive user interface using multilingual menu with specific modes for different applications Easy-to-read, large, illuminated display Robust design for tough demands on the construction site: dust and splash protection of IP54, also remains fully functional after being dropped from a height of up to 1 m Requires no calibration Specifications: Max. detection depth:150 mm Measuring accuracy of object centre: ± 5 mm Measuring accuracy of indicated permitted drilling depth: ± 5 mm Detectable materials: Metal, power cables,wood, plastic Dust and splash protection: IP54 Power supply: 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA) Number of possible measurements : 1,000 (non-rechargeable batteries), 1,500 (rechargeable batteries, 2,500 mAh) Dimensions : 220 x 97 x 120 mm Weight : 0.7 kg

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