DEWALTデウォルト DW2169 38-Pieceインパクトドライバー用アクセサリー



• 8 #2 Phillips 1-inch insert bits

• 8 #2 Phillips 1-inch drywall reduced diameter insert bits

• 5 #2 Phillips 2-inch black oxide power bits

• 8 #2 Phillips 1-inch double-ended bit tips

• 1/4-inch nut driver

• 5/16-inch nut driver

• 3/8-inch socket adaptor

• 3/8-inch drive with a 9/16-inch deep socket

• 3/8-inch drive with a 3/8-inch deep socket

• 3/8-inch drive with a 7/16-inch deep socket

• 3/8-inch drive with a 1/2-inch deep socket

• 3-inch stainless steel magnetic bit tip holder with hog ring


• Includes Best In Class most common Impact Driver Accessories

• Includes new Patented PIVOT HOLDER - Drive Straight or in Pivot Mode


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