DEWALTデウォルト DC012 Worksite Charger/Radio


1 hour charger for 7.2V to 18V DEWALT battery packs (except Univolt?)

Runs off of 12V to 18V DEWALT batteries making it a cordless radio

Power outlets offer more versatility for jobsite power

The DEWALT 3 - stage charging system provides maximum run-time and extends overall life of the battery

AM/FM Digital Tuner with LCD display, built-in clock, and 15 station memory presets

High efficiency weather resistant speakers with dual bass ports for maximum bass and range

Auxiliary port allows connection to CD Players, MP3 Players, and portable satellite receivers with an audio cable (cable not included)

Dual pivoting 11" flexible antenna provides more durability and better reception


Voltage 7.2 to 18 (except Univolt)

Compatible with

Charge Time 1 hr or less

Tool Weight 14.25lbs

Shipping Weight 14.5lbs

Warranty Information

This DEWALT? High Performance Industrial Tool comes with a warranty package that includes:

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Free Service Contract

3 Year Limited Warranty


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