Milwaukeeミルウォーキー 6950-20 12-inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw with Digital Miter Angle Fine Adjust

1924年創業のアメリカのツールメーカー「Milwaukee (ミルウォーキー)」

Product Specifications

Part Number 6950-20

Item Package Quantity1

Batteries Included?No

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

The Milwaukee 6950-20 12-Inch dual bevel miter saw features a miter angle fine adjust with detent override which makes it simple to dial-in precise miter angles. This allows the user to quickly adjust for a non-square environment. The fine adjust allows for single hand operation; (1) hand on material, (1) hand making fine adjustment. The miter angle fine adjust features a self zeroing system and it works on the ENTIRE miter angle range. Also features dual integral jobsite lights that fully illuminate the work-piece and cut line from either side of the blade. This makes it easier for the user to see the blade enter the material. It also eliminates the hassle of buying and setting up independent lighting. These lights are especially beneficial on pre-finished millwork. The Milwaukee 6950-20 12-Inch dual bevel miter saw also features an electronic soft start that allows the carpenter to sneak up on the cut line without damaging material. The blade takes less than two seconds to get up to full speed, but that makes all the difference in ensuring a smooth start. The Milwaukee 6950-20 12-Inch dual bevel miter saw has a motor that features constant power technology which provides constant speed under load. The rpm (3,250) of the blade is the same at both no load and during loaded cutting. This ensures a quick, clean cut even in hardwood materials. The Milwaukee 6950-20 12-Inch dual bevel miter saw contains an integral dust channel that captures up to 75% of the dust and debris cut by capturing dust near the cut on both sides of the blade and directing it to the back of the saw. This maximizes airflow and allows waste to flow through the back e-nd and into waster container. The result in the Best Dust Collection in the Industry. The Milwaukee 6950-20 12-Inch dual bevel miter saw has an oversized single lever bevel adjustment with (9) positive bevel stops whichallows the saw to easily bevel left and right 0-degrees to 48-degrees.

Product Description

Includes 12-in Dual-Bevel Compound Miter Saw - 6950-80, (1) Carbide Tipped Blade, Blade Wrench



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