Milwaukeeミルウォーキー 48-11-1830 V18 18-Volt 3.0 Amp Hour リチウムイオンバッテリー


The Milwaukee 48-11-1830 v18 18-volt 3.0 amp hour lithium-ion slide style battery provides up to 50-percent longer run-time than 18-volt NiCd batteries. It has superior cold weather operation and allows near full run-time performance down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a 14.4-volt nicd battery weight with 18-volt power. It features v-technology batteries that provide fade-free power until the end of discharge. It comes with a 5-year/2000-charge warranty and is compatible with all Milwaukee 18- to 28-volt batteries.

Product Description

Milwaukee's V18 battery offers longer run-time and lighter weight than a standard 18V Ni-Cd battery. Unique Li-ion chemistry and intelligent technology allows the V18 battery to deliver fade-free power until end of discharge. This battery also has superior cold weather performance and can be used down to -4 F (-20 C). Not for use with tools 1108, 3108, 5364, and 6516.



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